• Royal Lashes founder
  • Lash Artist
  • Official representative and trainer of London Lash Pro
  • Champion of Bergamo Lash Champions League in 2016, 2017
  • Sponsor of Braw and Lash Congress 2017 in Rome
The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt
By my nature I am a dreamer… But, certainly, I understand that we make our dreams come true ourselves. I think, that dreams come true, when we study a lot, when we work hard and when we love a lot …love everything, with all our heart, nature, people, love to meet sunrise, love to dive inside the ¬†plot of a book.. and, of course, love our work…

My education Is medicine , specialized in dermotology and cosmetology. I finished Yaroslavl Medical University in 2002. While studing, in 1998, I won Grand of American Government for studing business in University of Alabama, Huntsville. Spent  amazing time in US, getting skills of rulling my own business.

When I moved to Italy, full of beauty, chic, architecture, gorgeous nature I become more and more interested in the sphere of beauty. I studied a lot in Moscow and Rome, took many courses.

I am a Multi Winner of many championships of Eye lash extensions.

2017 – sponsor of International Congress Lash and Brow, Rome.

The official representative and trainer of the famous Great school London Lash Pro.

The Founder of a Royal Lashes, based in Milan.

I wish you, my friends, your dreams allways come true.

Sincerely yours,